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      Be safe around Hot Water
      Posted on October 21, 2018

      Hot Water Safety around kids – TIPS for parents

      Guest Post/ Just saying/ Parenting

      Keeping Your Children Safe from Scald Injuries

      Most people, when they think about severe burns, automatically imagine fire as the main cause of these devastating, life-changing and sometimes fatal injuries.

      Fire is more dangerous that hot water in many ways – hot water doesn’t stay hot, it doesn’t spread to clothes and other fabrics and materials in the same way as fire does. Once hot water has made contact with skin, it starts to cool almost immediately. However, hot water and liquid vapours can still be very dangerous indeed and they present a particular danger to babies and young children in and around the home.

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      Posted on April 29, 2018

      Put these on your list for Mother’s Day! WIN a $100 Etsy Gift Card

      Etsy/ Gift ideas/ giveaway/ Mum/ Shopping Guide/ Themed guide/ Win stuff

      Don’t know about you BUT I need some retail therapy right about now! This Mum gig can be a crazy balance, right?

      I’m going shopping (handmade shopping, of course) and I’m putting together a little list of my fav finds from Etsy and very subtly leaving around some gift idea ‘hints’ for the family to find…

      What’s on your list this Mother’s Day? Do you know what would like or might be getting? Or maybe you need some ideas for your Mum or Nanna too??Here’s a few that we found-

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      We-love-Books Gift Guide
      Posted on November 22, 2017

      A gift guide for your favourite BOOK WORM

      Books we love/ Christmas/ Shopping/ Shopping Guide/ Themed guide

      Who doesn’t love a good book? Curling up in a comfy quiet spot all snuggled in with your favourite book! Sounds like heaven right?!

      I’m trying to remember what that was like – insert high-energy toddler and very little down time but it’s a great past-time I’m hoping to reacquaint myself with soon hopefully.

      So while I’m dreaming of that comfortable reading corner, here is a great selection of book-related goodies perfect for that book loving person in your life.

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